Barbara's Heart

Barbara Hurda-Crowley
spent her childhood in Texas trying to learn how to stay on a horse and out of red ant piles! Moving for the first time before age two from Wisconsin, she established her destiny as a "child traveler" along with three sisters, a brother and parents while in the U.S. Air Force. Barbara currently lives in the beautiful Arizona central mountains. 

World With a View
Living in nine different states and one European country provided a colorful and exciting education. It is the reason why Barbara loves and cares about all types of people regardless of their own unique view of the world. Her heart's passion is for the well-being, success and empowerment of all single-again women (divorced, widowed, and single moms) who seek to make their new lives the best they can and should be in this season of life.

No More Tears
Barbara was married for 17 years, has two grown sons, three grandchildren, and one great-grandson. She has been divorced for some time choosing to live a positive and joyful life on her own. After struggling for a number of years to find her way after divorce, Barbara arrived at an important junction in the road. A choice to accept God's love for her, recognizing He and He alone had kept her in the palm of His hand through all the muck and nonsense. His Son, Jesus, as her Savior, promises to take away all the tears, heartache, pain, and confusion for all eternity with Him in Heaven. That, my dear friends, is Victory and a cause to smile! 

Spinning Wheels
While currently working on writing an inspirational book, Barbara is excited to share the Fresh Start Momentum blog with women everywhere. A place of belonging (even a virtual one) is important to dissolve the no-one-cares-about-me feelings that can get you down. Be determined to not let that happen! Realize your life is different now and in many ways better. This requires a new set of rules and a fresh way of looking at possibilities that only you can create. Barbara is here to inspire you to get the momentum going and keep it going. Accomplishing this will help you to help others in your shoes. And the wheels spin on and on and on and.......

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