Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Growing Deep

It’s so common in California and the Southwest United States to see miles and miles of palm trees waving in the breeze that we often never even think about how they got so very tall. There are many varieties for many tastes from the fan palms to queen, date, and royal palms. They just look beautiful and we let it go at that thought.

Palm trees have shallow roots, and so it is a wonder how they rarely fall over! But, unlike other trees, it is all in the amazing root “arms” that grow outward anywhere from 25 feet to 50 feet away depending on the type of species. Most of us can barely appreciate this feat of nature, but surely the men and women who climb higher and higher to trim these palms have a greater respect for these “anchored” creations. God knew what He was doing.

We humans on the other hand, go about our lives struggling and twisting and turning trying to stay upright without toppling over with fear and anxiety. Could it be our “roots” may not be strong enough? As each day passes and our lives seem dull and boring, or perhaps, uneasy and unsure, we could ask ourselves if we have grown outward by first establishing a daily habit of calming and focusing on the One who created us.

This circadian practice goes a long way in helping us to handle whatever comes our way whether it is getting the kids out the door to school (yes, that season is upon us for sure!), making it to a meeting at work on time, or paying the bills yet again. But, this spiritual routine is especially important when we have to face a cancer diagnosis, figuring out how we will make it on our own when the divorce papers are delivered, or living on the streets with our child in hand.

Just knowing where and to Whom we can rely on for reassurance and hope, is the entire start to finding the answers. We have to understand God will never leave us or turn us away, no matter if we turned our backs on Him and went our own way in the past, or not. Our God has a BIG heart!

Some of us out there may not have known the Lord as our Savior when life started falling apart. It was devastating to find out we were entirely on our own with nowhere to go up, down, or sideways. We were truly lost and without hope. But by choosing to know and communicate with God when things are going well, we will never be uprooted and overturned when mountainous problems and tragedy strikes.

We may often ask how others do it. How they make things look so easy even in the face of major life changes and loss. There really is only one answer to that dilemma: we either need to be as tall as a palm tree, or, we need a Savior on our side Who created the palm tree!

“We’re all like sheep who’ve wandered off and gotten lost. We’ve all done our own thing, gone our own way. . .” Isaiah 53:6a Message.

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